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Making magic for
Autumn Lands!

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Great speaking with you!

Hi, Lynn & Nate! 

We were already excited to bring magic, mystery, spooky ambiance, and entertainment for all ages to the October 22nd Autumn Lands Festival, but now that we dove into all the weird history of Smithville and the legends about HB Smith, we are beyond thrilled to put together an exceptional day of enthralling, interactive elements for you.

Below we've listed the prices of all the elements Ala carte. Look these over and let us know which ones speak to you. Discounts are available for packages involving multiple elements.

Talk soon!

Lindsey & Francis

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Magic, Mind Reading, Circus Arts and Miscellaneous Whimsy

Spirit Cabinet/Seance:  Based on the theatrical seance we created for the Mütter Museum, we bring the spirits to life with the help of spirit medium Lindsey Noel, conjuring up the eccentric ghost of HB Smith. Spooky, funny, and astounding!


Spooky Magic Show: Lindsey Noel & Francis Menotti bring their adorable and hilarious Couple of Magicians antics to the stage at their favorite time of year: Halloween Season! Creating comedic moments mixed with creepy and mildly unsettling impossibilities (feel like conjuring up the ghost of HB Smith from his iron casket?) Predictions, comedy, and perhaps a "dangerous" game or two, this PG-13 show will satisfy the hunger for magical spookiness for any who enter the tent to watch. 

Deluxe Illusion Show: Add in full stage-illusions like the famed Houdini Metamorphisis–pictured above–and the Inter-dimensional Isolated Observation Table (IDIOT box) to make it a theatrical extravaganza!


Family Magic Show: Join one of our favorite magicians as he paints wonder on the faces of kids of all ages with sleight of hand, skilled manipulation, and illusion. Mystique dazzles and bewilders with magic just a few feet away.


Roving magic/mind reading: interactive mingling entertainment by our incredible colleague Ran'D Shine. Exciting ambient entertainment for small groups at a time throughout the grounds.

Up to 2 Hours- $1295

Bubble Show: Everybody loves bubbles, especially when created through sculpture and interactive performance by Bubble Magician Meadow Perry! Includes the memorable and unique "person-in-a-bubble" photo op.


Spooky & Stunning Stilt Walker: Madeleine Belle is a renaissance circus artist and one of the most famous stilt walkers on the east coast. With incomparable, custom costumes she creates herself, Madeleine is the talk of every event over which she towers. Mix and match and ask us for pricing/hours.

Ambient Juggling/Spinning/Fire:  Reese Crawley does ALL of the most mesmerizing and engaging visual arts: Rainbow Fans, Hula Hoop, Batons, Poi, Juggling, Roller-skates, and Fire Manipulation Show! Mix and match and ask us for pricing/hours.

Airbrush Artistry: Looking for high-quality airbrush face painting, tattoos, clothing-airbrushing, balloon twisting, or metallic tattoos? We have a GREAT company we can connect you with and can obtain the best pricing, accordingly.

Photo Op Ideas: Want us to design and build a fun forced-perspective photo opportunity featuring the American Star Bicycle or a bike levitation illusion? What if you could keep it and use it for future events?

How about something similar but designed around a moose-drawn carriage or Smith's Iron Casket? If interested, we'll price the cost to build and add it into the mix.

Costume Contest Judging (for the kids and/or adult contests): If you do hold such contests, we'll be happy to be part of the judging panel free of charge if you book us for any of the other entertainment throughout the day! Would it be possible to get a bicycle or two donated to give away as prizes (to tie in with the historical theme of bikes in the town?)

Check out some of the top-notch magical entertainers we love to work with!

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 5.22.34 PM.png


Mystique is an all-around showman who’s excellent for events that call for a dynamic and unique performer. Delightfully engaging and astounding for all ages!


Ran'D Shine

"Fool Us" and "Masters of Illusion" star, Shine owns the stage with witty antics and unbelievable skill  for corporations, theaters, and private events, alike.

Meadow Perry Promo 3.jpg

Meadow Perry

Masterful magician and manipulater of soap! Featured on CW's Masters of Illusion, Meadow makes floating spheres into art that is magical & captivating to every person of every age!


Reese Crawley

An expert in Flow Arts, Hula Hooping, Juggling, Contact Staff, and general amazement, Reese's personality is as electrifying as every move he makes!

Madeleine Belle.jpeg

Madeleine Belle
Madeleine Belle is a renaissance circus artist and one of the most famous stilt walkers on the east coast. With incomparable, custom costumes she creates herself, Madeleine is the talk of every event over which she towers.

American Star Bicycle.png
Magical options to consider for any upcoming event:

"Couple of Magicians" Show:  

This duo show with Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel is a fast, fun, and funny presentation of magic that caters to your organization with customized magic and the opportunity to make the club president (or special guest/member)  magically appear. (Alternatively to have them involved in some featured magical moment where they become the magician/mind-reader.)

Francis Menotti or Lindsey Noel One-Hour Stage Show with custom presentations that highlight the organization, plus an hour of strolling magic and mind reading.

Interactive Strolling Magic and Mind Reading for all of the guests (perfect to engage and entertain guests throughout the event without interrupting the flow of other activities going on.

Thanks! We're happy to discuss mixing and matching or finding other options that would best suit your needs.

Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel

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