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Making magic with


Looking forward to merging magic and science...
after hours!

What we can do for you.

With a combined 30 years professional experience and backgrounds in writing, film, television, and psychology, we cater to the carefully crafted brand and clientele of the Franklin Institute.

Add value to any event.

Strolling magic/mind reading: interactive mingling entertainment works great to add an extra memorable element to cocktail hours or throughout the evening.

Formal Close-up: short 15 minute shows for small groups throughout the event offer memorable experiences for guests without interrupting the flow of the evening.

Key Note Presentations: We take your theme and write a specifically customized presentation, highlighting your key points with magical moments that leave an amazing, lasting memory of the event. 

Enhanced-Tarot/ Mind-Reading Station: While we skeptically do not subscribe to the validity of Tarot readings, this fun and whimsical option allows guests to have fortunes told with a little magic, a bit of fun, and some education snuck in, to boot.

Chicago Magic Lounge, Hollywood's Magic Castle, McKittrick Hotel NYC, Mohonk Mountain House...

Just some of the sophisticated magic venues for adults in the U.S.

Let's talk soon!

Magical options to consider for any upcoming event:

"Couple of Magicians" Show:  

This duo show with Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel is a fast, fun, and funny presentation of magic that caters to your organization with customized magic and the opportunity to make the CEO (or other special guest) magically appear. (Alternatively to have them involved in some featured magical moment where they become the magician/mind-reader.)

Francis Menotti or Lindsey Noel One-Hour Stage Show with custom presentations that highlight the organization, plus an hour of strolling magic and mind reading.

Interactive Strolling Magic and Mind Reading for all of the guests (perfect to engage and entertain guests throughout the event without interrupting the flow of other activities going on.) We are happy to  recommend the appropriate number of hours/performers for the number of guests you're having.


Thanks! We're also happy to discuss mixing and matching or finding other options that would best suit your needs.

See you soon!

Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel

Normal pricing for activating such a space with strong roving and stage magic would be $3500. For the Franklin Institute, let us know how $1500 sounds. We're excited to meet and discuss details!

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