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out of your events.

Destroy the status quo
No more 
"same old entertainment"

Hi! Welcome to Adventures Inc. 

We are here to make your life easier when it comes to planning your event. You have enough to think about with coordinating venue, guests, and food; let us assure you that the only time you'll think about the entertainment is when you're watching it happen!

We are not an "everything" company that offers hundreds of services done half-well. We can certainly help you find caterers, DJ's, florists, etc., but we focus on what we do best: customized, memorable presentations of magic, mind-reading, and mystery for the modern consumer.

Immersive Entertainment

Today, consumers of information and entertainment want more. To be a part of the show, to peek behind the curtain, to get the special treatment. They are less interested in a museum visit and more so in an after-hours private tour. Why sit and watch a show when they can be a part of it?

We work with you to find or create exactly what you want to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Whether it's a gala show to cap off your conference, the company holiday party, a wedding anniversary, a personalized murder mystery party, or capturing more leads at your next trade show, our combined 30 years professional experience will ensure you never have to worry about the entertainment. 

So, what are you planning? Contact us today to let us make your life easier!

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modern consumer 
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