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Looking forward to working together!

Magical options to consider for your quarterly Zoom event:

Couple of Magicians "Live from our Living Room"  

Before the craziness of Quarantine 2020, we had toured our show for theaters and clubs, corporate gatherings and conventions. And then... well, you know.


For the past few months, while producing weekly performances over Zoom and Facebook Live, we've tirelessly developed magic that maximizes impact, amazement, and message despite the initially intimidating restrictions of the virtual media.

Option 1: 30 minute CoM Show

Fast, fun, fantastical- Francis Menotti and Lindsey Noel bring a back-and-forth charm mixed with incredible mind reading and magic. With two performers playing off each other, there is a greater sense of being present and "in person" that gives us a unique advantage when engaging an audience with such an interactive performance. Beginning with impossible through-the-screen audience participation and ending with a classic grand stage illusion, this experience will reset and reinvigorate your attendees for the next business sessions of the day. 


Option 2: 30 minute Francis Menotti Solo Show

A performance featuring pieces from Francis' 20 year professional repertoire. A bit of light wordplay, stunning sleight of hand, and disturbingly accurate mind-reading and predictions that have taken him around the world for companies, theaters, and television shows. Strong, magical, memorable.


Option 3: Lindsey Noel Talk: The New Fourth Wall

What does it take to capture and keep the attention of your working-from-home audience? Let Lindsey guide your employees as they learn to navigate the new world of primarily online virtual interaction. With over 50 virtual shows beneath her belt, Lindsey shows you how to structure your message, style your visual set, communicate your brand, and keep your audience engaged with the screen. 


Of course, we are happy to mix and match in order to provide what's best for your event. Further, if you were interested in working with us for future dates (as you do this every quarter), we'd be happy to discuss adjusting fees for a bundled-discount of multiple performances. 

Let's talk soon about what we can do for you and your team!

Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel

Couple of Magicians

Screenshot of us with a company rep (Mike) helping "live and in person."   Thanks, Rush Order Tees!

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"We hired CoM to help keep attendees at our virtual summit engaged throughout the 6 hour day. From the first conversation, they went above and beyond to ensure it was a smooth and positive experience. They were creative, positive, and added our brand and our key partners' brand directly into the material. If you're looking for a team that over-delivers and keeps people engaged virtually or in person, hire them!"

Jeremiah Desmarais, CEO Advisorist 

#1 Best Selling Author

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