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Lindsey Noel Kruichak
Costume Designer &

A video resume of some of my favorite projects. Contact Info available at bottom of site.
Costume Designer, 3 episodes: Season 1 - No Ride Home & Berkshire UFO, Season 2 - Stolen Kids
Costume Designer, Zeroes, Feature Film, 2019
Costume Designer, American Fright Fest, Feature Film, 2018
Costume Designer, Death House, Feature Film, 2016
Costume Designer, West End, Feature Film, 2014
Costume Designer, 1982, Feature Film, 2013
Assistant Costume Designer, The Men who Built America, History Channel Show, 2013 - Awarded an Emmy for Costume Design
Costume Designer, Alpha Girls, Feature Film, 2012
Costume Designer, Mayor Cupcake, Feature Film, 2011
Midsommar Inspired Shoot, Costume Designer/Creator/Stylist: Lindsey Noel Kruichak.
Models: Maki Hinds, Carmen Shamwell, Shawn Mongold, Lindsey Noel. Photographer: Kevin Hulse, 2020
Looking to hire a costume designer who brings your characters vibrantly to life
from your script to the silver screen?
Then contact Lindsey Noel Kruichak 
p:                            (856)-332-4210
References Available Upon Request
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