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Making magic virtually with

Looking forward to bringing cloud based magic and mind reading to your
Adobe MAX VIP event?

What we can do for you.

With a combined 30 years professional experience and backgrounds in writing, film, television, and psychology, we cater to the carefully crafted brand of LucidLink and your attendees from Adobe MAX.

Add value to any event.

Zoom Seminars: Meetings can drag on and distractions are plentiful! We pump up your attendees with visual impossibilities, memorable interactions, and most importantly LucidLink's brand! Whether kicking off the day of talks, breaking it up with a lively change of pace, or emceeing the whole event with smooth and stylish transitions, Couple of Magicians adds a level of production value that elevates your conference in the minds of your attendees.

Intro to Magic Teambuilding Workshop: Magic is a universal language and a catalyst for creative problem solving! We teach your clients or team members the basics of psychology around magic and how it can apply to business, networking, or day to day life. Lindsey and Francis instruct guests on sleight of hand and mind-reading methods to broaden the scope of possibility for your team for years to come. 

Virtual Happy Hour: The day is over and it's time for celebration and relaxation! How do you break the ice when people aren't physically in the same spaces? It's magic! A full virtual show of magic and mind-reading gets viewers involved and interacting with each other, building company morale even after hours. More a focus on pure entertainment than company branding, we still cater the show to our target audience: your employees!

Lucid Link Proposal

A fifteen-minute amazement-packed journey of mind-reading, magic, humor, and through-the-screen interaction! We'll customize our presentation to the LucidLink Cloud technology, pay-off an impossible prediction with a package mailed to one of the VIPs, perform an interactive trick that the attendees can take part in with their own LucidLink playing cards, and even include a link to a customized downloadable magic video where we'll teach the viewers a magic trick that THEY can do! 

Fee: $5200

"If you're looking for a team that over-delivers and keeps people engaged virtually or in person, hire Couple of Magicians!"

Jeremiah Desmarais, CEO Advisorist, #1 Best Selling Author

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