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Personalized Magic Messages

for every occasion!

Couple of Magicians is proud to introduce a new, fun, and creative way of reaching out to your friends and loved ones! 

Birthday? Anniversary? Simply love and greetings? We create customized virtual magic telegrams to help you express your feelings in a unique and unforgettable way!

How it works:

-Choose your template
We have created a series of customizable magic performances, allowing us to easily add your recipient's name and special message.

-Input your message
"Happy 30th Birthday!"  "Congrats on the new job!"  "Thinking of you."
We will pass your message along with style and amazement

that they'll never forget.

-Fill out recipient details

We need an email address or cell phone number of the recipient. We can also send through social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

-They receive a magical message! 

Prices start at $25 USD. Samples and templates coming shortly. In the meantime, as we launch this new project, email us here and we'll be happy to discuss details, pricing, etc. 


Sample Templates!

Fix the Headlines!

Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, &  Announcements!

Magical Birthday Card

Send your friends and loved ones a visual, magical birthday (or any other) message.

Customized Promos

Looking to keep your business relevant or to reach new customers in a uniquely magical way? Francis's background in advertising/PR and Lindsey's writing skills make for memorable and effective outreach during quarantine and beyond!

Contact us for a consultation for your business/organization today!

More to Come Soon!

Send Your


Please indicate your template choice, recipient name, email address, and occasion for each MagicGram in the text box below.

If you are interested in ordering more than three MagicGrams at this time, or wish to commission a unique piece, please email us and we will discuss details. Thanks!

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