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Magical MaskMaker

We all need them.

Lindsey is here to make getting them easy.

Not just for essential workers, Lindsey Noel has made over 300 masks so far for anyone in need. Choose your fabric style and size, and Lindsey will make and have them out to you in a one-week turn around.

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Ordering is simple!

1 - Choose your fabric

2 - Pick your size

3 - Complete payment below

All Masks are now only $10!

Current Fabric Options

















Styles subject to availability
Choosing your size:
We offer three different sizes: Regular Adult (8.5" x 5.5")
Adult XL (9.5" x 6.5")
Child (7" x 4.5")
Donate for those who need masks:
 If you'd like to donate masks to those in need, see the "Donate" button. 
And, if you need masks to be donated, (personally or for your organization) please send us an email with details here. Thank you!

To order: specify number of masks from menu, then in "Notes" specify fabric style and size for each. (Child, Adult, and/or XL)


Order here! $10 per mask.

There will be a flat $6 shipping & handling fee (USPS) added at checkout.

Quantity/Size/Style Letter
3/Adult Regular/H,

4/Adult XL/E

A: Blue-Green Sketchy

B: Floral

C: Rabbit/Fox/Peacock

D: Pink-Orange Floral

E: Evil Queen

F: Damasque

G: BB-8

H: Birds

I: Leopard

J: Blue Woodgrain

K: Black/Dots

L: Marbles

M: Black Floral

N: Sweet Stuff

O: Navy Scales

P: Walking Dead

Wash and Care

While I do wash every mask before packaging them sterilely, you'll want to clean them in between each use. Take the metal wire out of the mask. Wash in hot water with like colors, hang dry so as not to shrink the mask or ruin the elastic.



What mask design do you make?

I sew the Deaconess style: the one with three pleats down the side.


How are they made?

All of my masks are made with two layers of tightly woven cotton with no seam down the front. There are two soft 3/8" cotton elastic loops--one for each ear.

What if my mask doesn't fit?

The masks are a standardized size that SHOULD fit most people's faces. If you find that the ear loops are too tight, we recommend sewing buttons to a cap (to hook them to) or to use a ribbon to tie the loops around the back of your head.

Why does it take a week?

Because this is a one-woman operation; I cut and sew each mask by hand and have a steady, large number of orders.

Is there anything I can do to get it/them faster?

Unfortunately, no. I  don't want to make promises I can't keep, and take pride in making a quality product.

What if I need to order more than 10 masks?

Please send us an email and we'll process the order directly.

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