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Learn a little magic
from Stratus IP!

Lindsey and Francis have put together a few cool tricks
just for you!   

Time to break out those cards!

Here are three engaging, easy to learn card tricks that you can use your new Stratus IP cards or ANY deck of cards you have lying around. For instructional videos, look to the right (or scroll down if on your phone.)  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Perfect Poker

It takes only ten cards to play (and win) a poker game every single time. Well, that and a tiny bit of cheating. Take out the following ten playing cards: Queen of Hearts, any three Aces, any three Eights, and any three Kings. If you stack them so that the Queen is on the bottom of the deck and hand it to someone to deal, that person will lose. Place it on top and you deal the cards, you'll win again. Whoever has the Queen (known in magic as the "Jonah" card) will lose. 

Bonus information: we printed the Stratus IP cards to be "one-way" cards. If you look at the backs, you'll see that the dot of one "I" is shaded in while the other is not. This way, if all of the cards are facing the same way except for the Jonah card, you'll always be able to spot it from the back without having to look at the faces. This principle has so many possibilities in magic! 

Two Card Monte

This requires a little arts an crafts, but is totally worth it! If you don't want to use your new Stratus IP cards, just grab an old deck of cards (maybe an incomplete deck) and a glue stick. 

The trick is simple: showing the face of one card and the back of another, then flipping the pair to show the opposite face/back combo, you place one of the cards behind your back. Instantly, magically, and with no moves, they change places! Can be done over and over with no sleight of hand.

The arts and crafts: glue two of the cards together, face to face, so you have what magicians call a double-backed card. Do the same again, only glueing two cards back to back, forming a double-faced card. (It's better if the two faces are drastically different from each other, like a red Jack and black number card. Let them dry and you're ready to perform!

Enveloping Prediction

In this trick, you give the cards to your spectator and ask them to deal cards into a pile until they feel like stopping. Once they've stopped, you toss an envelope on the table and ask them to open it. Inside the envelope is a card, in fact the exact same card that they stopped at! 

This is one of my favorite easy magic tricks. You need an extra card from a different deck OR a piece of paper in the envelope that has "you will choose the Ace of Hearts (or whatever card you want to make them choose.)

Take the Ace of Hearts out of the Stratus IP deck and hold it hidden below the envelope. Once your audience member stops dealing, gently toss the envelope on top of the pile, secretly adding the force card (the card beneath the envelope.) After they open the envelope and read the prediction, they'll turn over the top card of the pile (the one they think they stopped at) and see that it matches!


Perfect Poker (and one-way principle)

Two Card Monte

Enveloping Prediction

On behalf of Stratus IP and Couple of Magicians Lindsey Noel and Francis Menotti, we hope you take the time to learn, practice, and perform these quick pieces of magic. And we hope our paths cross again, soon. Enjoy!
Magical options to consider for any upcoming event:

"Couple of Magicians" Show:  

This duo show with Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel is a fast, fun, and funny presentation of magic that caters to your organization with customized magic and the opportunity to make the CEO (or other special guest) magically appear. (Alternatively to have them involved in some featured magical moment where they become the magician/mind-reader.)

Francis Menotti One-Hour Stage Show with custom presentations that highlight the organization, plus an hour of strolling magic and mind reading.

Interactive Strolling Magic and Mind Reading for all of the guests (perfect to engage and entertain guests throughout the event without interrupting the flow of other activities going on. I can recommend the number of hours based on the number of guests you're having.

Thanks! We're happy to discuss mixing and matching or finding other options that would best suit your needs.

Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel

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