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Making magic with

Woodloch Pines

Looking forward to speaking and working together!

Magical options as you re-open:

Couple of Magicians "Socially Distant" Show  

Before the craziness of Quarantine 2020, we had toured our show for theaters and clubs from Marvyn's Magic Theatre (Palm Springs) to the Magic Castle (LA), to Mohonk Mountain House (NY) and then... well, you know.


For the past few months, while performing weekly virtual shows over Zoom and Facebook Live, we've worked on developing magic that can be done without as much hands-on interaction so that when REAL live shows return, we're ahead of the curve!

It's taken a lot of work, but we've adapted much of the magic and mind-reading so that volunteers can mostly stay in their seats while still interacting from a distance. When we DO have someone touch a prop (or write something down) we provide sterile gloves to do so that are then returned and washed between shows so as to maintain health concerns while staying environmentally conscious.

Let's talk soon about what we can do for you and your guests!

Francis Menotti & Lindsey Noel

Couple of Magicians

It's a strange new world we're all navigating together; we are here to help solve the issues you are bound to encounter and make you continue to stand out as leaders in the entertainment industry.

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